"Gentry provided fact-based analysis that enabled us to confidently pursue more concessions."

"Gentry provided fact-based analysis that enabled us to confidently pursue more concessions."

No-Risk Procurement Solutions

We are focused on actual hard dollar savings for our clients.  We are so committed to this concept that our clients do not pay to engage us in our analysis.

By working on a gain share, supplier-funded model, all of our costs are "self-funded" by the projects we tackle. In this model, our clients never have to write a check to Gentry.  They don't have to find a budget for our fees and they don't have to worry about not getting the results they paid for, we are only paid on actual savings.

Our category experts bring years of industry experience as well as the spend of many other companies to provide each client with a wealth of savings options.

Click on the link below to learn more about our categories, our leveraged agreements, and our technology, all designed to save your company money.

Higher Education

Savings during changing times

College and University Presidents understand, more than anyone, how fast the education landscape is changing.  Gentry Partnership is committed to working with Christian Colleges and Universities to use its expertise in procurement to drive substantial cost reductions and quickly improve a school's financial situation.

Through our years of experience in the corporate world, we can provide the latest in procurement processes and tools as well as the combined purchasing power of many different institutions all in an effort to drive dramatic savings to your school.

By design, our Higher Education program is easy to join.  There are no up-front costs and the only fees are paid out of the savings we achieve on the school's behalf.  We are currently showing savings of over 30% on a school's indirect spend.

Cost savings is our passion and Higher Education is our ministry.  If your school needs financial relief or just wants to be a better steward of their money, contact us.  

Corporate Solutions