Category Experts

Industry Knowledge

Our Category Experts truly are experts in their fields.  Averaging over 25 years of work in their individual verticals, they bring the knowledge of industry veterans to the table on your behalf.

As industry insiders, they know how to speak the vendor's language and they can provide clarity in situations that are often ambiguous.

Though savings are important, our Category Experts will provide guidance on service levels, compliance, and liability as it relates to their category.  Everyone knows, a good deal is more than a good price and our team will make sure you have a great service at a great price.

Leveraged Agreements

Combining Spend

Our Clients can purchase off the leveraged agreements we have put together for some of the world's largest companies.

These agreements were sourced with the spend of multiple Fortune 100 companies.  With that much spend, we were able to command great service at an outstanding price.

Take advantage of these agreements and provide your company with World Class Service while receiving dramatic cost savings.

Reverse Auctions

Marketplace in Action

For commodities we can help drive down cost by the use of our reverse auction tool.

When multiple vendors are vying for your business in a real-time setting, it can produce amazing results.

Our state-of-the-art reverse auctions are designed to ensure fairness to the vendors and competitiveness for the market.  When companies are bidding against each other for your business, you win.

Procurement Platform

Spend Under Management

A company can have negotiated a great agreement, but if no one purchases off of it, there has been no savings.

Often times, bringing spend under professional management is more of a challenge than negotiating a contract.

To help solve this problem, we have implemented our online transacting portal.  Here, in combination with our service bureau, we handle all purchases on behalf of organizations.  This ensures that every indirect purchase has gone through a professional sourcing process to get the best savings.

We are currently averaging savings of almost 40% by the use of this platform.