Workplace Solutions

Our provider has trained and certified systems furniture installers and project managers to provide end-to-end office systems solutions including office moves, office set-up, as well as office demolition.

MRO/Safety Supplies

Gentry's MRO and Safety Supplies provider has shown dramatic cost reductions within a very competitive space 

​giving our clients extra savings in this category.


- Best in Class Global Solutions:

Temporary Labor

With over $150,000,000 in contracted spend, our category team of experienced industry professionals bring savings concepts and ideas not typical to the procurement process, giving you the ability to save money and stay with your current providers.  With savings ranges of 4-15%, this high - spend category can drive dramatic amounts of savings to your bottom line in a short period of time.

Office Supplies

Gentry's direct to manufacturer relationships allows us to leverage our $80,000,000 in spend and pass those savings on to you, all while providing the same next day service you have come to expect, regardless of where you are located.

Relocation Services

Providing top service and savings in this high-touch category.  Our combination of strong category expertise and a leveraged agreement with over $4,000,000,000 in volume gives us the ability to increase your service levels while providing significant savings.

Freight Forwarding

This world-wide provider offers dashboard tracking of all shipments as well as storage capabilities.  By combining the spend of our customers, we are able to provide significant savings in this complex category.